Joined PTP: April 1, 2015

From: West Sussex

Birthdate: February 14, 1990

Shoe Size:  UK 5 or EU 38 –  I think this is a US 7

Favorite Type of Shoe:  Hmm, I do love boots – I love all types of boots but I seem to have lots of ankle boots! (Not the same, I know!) Other than that I love summer shoes, flip flops, sandals etc. I hate bare unpainted toenails!

Smokes:  No (ex-smoker)

Favorite Car:  Mercedes CLC Coupe – I most certainly need one of these in my life and soon.  Although in a dream world I would love to come to the US, rent a ford GT40 and see where the wind took me… probably Vegas! Haha.

Can You Drive a Stick?:  Yes.

What cars do you or have you owned?  I have owned far too many cars to list everything here. Some of my favorites were a couple of mk2 MR2 Jap import turbos, 300zx fairlady twin turbo, I’ve always loved soft top CLKs (I have had a few of them!), I also adore jaguars. I had a X-Type for a while before trading it in for a bigger S-Type – absolutely beautiful cars to drive. Right now my own personal car is a 1998 Mercedes ML. Probably my most favorite car I have ever owned was a 2004 Mercedes C-Coupe, It’s the only car I worked really hard and saved for, it took me over a year. Sadly I only owned her for a matter of days before the car was registered stolen and she was sadly taken from me!

Worst Car Trouble Experience:  
I’m not too sure on this one. Weeks after passing my driving test I got given a BMW 320i SE, I very quickly learned why not to corner a RWD in the wet quickly. It was nothing serious to start, it was quite fun actually, it all began as a beautiful drift which ended up going up a bank onto the motorway backwards!

Actual car trouble wise, the other week I had no choice but to take a working car out, I didn’t check the car over first, I guess I hadn’t filled it up in a while and the head gasket went about 10 miles from home. I had to stop every 2 minutes to let it cool down. The car had no alternator so every time I stopped I had to put on my puppy face and approach strangers with my jump leads.

It’s not recommended purchasing any clips or customs from her directly at her ‘Twisted British’ clips store. She will keep your money and not fulfill the custom. 


  • She’s not playing around with the little car today. She’s got her fishnets and big black boots on ready to get this puppy started. The car teases her by sputtering often and acting like it’s going to start for her but never does. She begs the car to start as….

  • You’ve been curious as to what she has to go through to get her crappy car started every day. She’s told you stories about it and now gives you a ‘documentary’ style look at her struggles. Various angles of her cranking this car in peep-toe boots, leather skirt and a….

  • Kates films herself trying to get this little car cranked up. She’s wearing some tight, black, leather pants and a pair of tan over-the-knee boots. All filmed from her point-of-view with lots of thigh shots of her legs pumping that gas pedal.

  • You get a self-filmed view of Kate and her outfit as she struts over to the little Ford. She climbs in, gets situated and begins cranking the car, which can be stubborn at times to start. After a few strong cranks with some signs of life, it looks like she….

  • This is a self-filmed clip as Kate tries getting the little Uno fired up. She’s having battery issues and has to get out to reconnect the jumper cables she has attached to another battery. It might be out of gas as it’s not catching at all…wtf?!

  • You get a solid 11 minutes of Kate strugging in this little Uno as if you’re a bug on the floorboard. That right foot of hers pumping the gas pedal, desperately trying to get the car to start but it isn’t going to happen because she’s swamped the engine with….

  • She’s rubbing in a bit of lotion before slipping on her tall boots. Once she has those on, she hops in the Mercedes and is ready to go to the beach…except her car is having other ideas. She talks to you as she’s trying to get her car cranked and….

  • Kate Starts & Revs 3 Dirty Cars
    Starring - March 6th, 2016

    Let’s see which ones will start and which ones won’t, shall we? Kate gets in the Galant first and after a few tries, the battery is sounding weak. She checks the cables under the hood, gets back in and it fires up! One successful startup out of one attempt. Not….

  • Kate Cranking the BMW in Pantyhose & Boots
    Starring - December 28th, 2015

    When you’re driving a sexy car, you gotta look sexy too. Kate certainly meets that criteria in her tight black dress, black pantyhose and caramel colored over-the-knee boots. You get to see, from her point of view, her walk to the car and get in. From there, you get to….

  • Uh-oh, she might be stranded at home if she can’t get her little car started!  She begs and pleads for it to start but things don’t look good.  Doesn’t matter which side of the pond you’re on, car trouble is truly global!