Kristen's Profile

Shoe Size:  7 or 7 1/2

Favorite Type of Shoe:  flip flops and stilettos

Smokes:  yes

Favorite Car:  ’69 Nova my boyfriend had

Favorite genre of pedal pumping to do?
Well I think I loved the driving fast the best.  I love to ride with one foot up in the seat and the other foot pumping the pedal.  I like to drive with or without shoes, and I got to do both in the video.  I also got to do a lot of peeling out in the rocks and stirring up a whole lot of dust.  I don’t like to talk in the video, but I don’t mind it being on while I drive fast and the wind blowing through my hair.

What cars do you or have you owned?
Bright red ’69 Nova (belongs to my boyfriend), gold Honda, green dodge truck, and a bright blue Honda

Worst Car Trouble Experience:
The worst experience I have had would be the time some of my friends and me got really stuck in the mud; we were driving my friend’s big wheeled truck.  It was so much fun; we were jumping and sliding in this really thick, deep mud.  I had to pump the pedal a lot while my friends pushed.  We rocked it back and forth; it slid around in the wet, sticky mud.  We really had fun; we threw mud up in the air and all over us.  I got pretty dirty; mud was on my feet and shoes, well my boots.  I was wearing my black boots, but it came off with a little work.  I guess it really was not a bad experience because I just love to go mud riding!!  hehe

Joined PTP: October 15, 2005

From: Central Alabama

Birthdate: June 7, 1985