Kristen in on the couch and slips on her black leather biker boots over her tall, thigh high socks. She heads out to the Monte Carlo, gets in and gets it fired up after a handful of tries. She’s got to run to the store, so she makes the drive there and before getting out of the car to go inside, she scrunches her socks down into her boots.
She wanders through the store for a few minutes then returns to her car. She gets in, pulls her socks back all the way up over her knee, fires it up and starts to head home. She dips into a parking lot real quick because she wants to rev the car. She romps on the gas pedal repeatedly in her socks and boots for a bit. She then slips off her right boot only and continues revving the hell out of it with just her sock. The car is rocking pretty good from her romping on the gas pedal. When she’s finally had her daily revving quota, she finishes the drive home with her right boot still off.