Joined PTP: October 11, 2009

From: Tennessee

Birthdate: June 11, 1985

Shoe Size:  8

Favorite Type of Shoe:  high heel pumps

Smokes:  no

Favorite Car:  Aston Martin, Mercedes CL550

What cars do you or have you owned?
Currently own a Lexus IS300, have owned: BMW 325ci, Honda Civic EX, Chevy Blazer and Mazda 626

Most Interesting Car Experience:
I was running late for work and was speeding to make it on time.  Ended up flying by a cop and instead of pulling over, I floored it and started weaving in and out of traffic.  Ended up topping out at about 147mph to get away, felt like I was on the Dukes of Hazard tv show!  I ended up cutting off on a side road and got away, was very scared!

Order a Custom Video (not available)

  • Just as we started to film this, a quick summer shower rolled in for a few minutes.  It dropped just enough rain to steam things up on this hot day.  Mandie takes the Bus for a spin and it’s a sweet relief to feel the wind blowing!  The roads are….

  • Oh the trial and tribulations of borrowing a friends car.  Sit back and watch Mandie do her thing!!

  • Mandie is leaving a facility after doing some spy stuff.  Thinking all her tracks are covered, she is ambushed when she least expects it by a rival spy, Tinsley!  Just as Mandie starts her car, Tinsley ambushes Mandie and tries to knock her out.  Mandie struggles to get the car….

  • This was Mandie’s very first shoot with PTP.  It was a cold, winter’s day and we were well into the shoot for the day when I recorded this.  We were sitting in the Caddy, talking, when I started recording and guided her into a little teasing/flooding session.  I wasn’t sure….

  • Both ladies are ready to go out and have some fun!  Dressed in some tight leather pants and stiletto heels, Tinsley gets behind the wheel of the old Caddy to take them to town.  Unfortunately, the car doesn’t want to start!  Tinsley is pumping away on the big, floor mounted….

  • This video is full of frustration as Mandie struggles to start the Coronet and keep it running.  The car keeps dying from the weak, crappy electronic fuel pump that is on it and when it heats up, well, the fuel flow stops.  The vicious cycle of cranking, revving, stalling continues….

  • Mandie Cranking the Bug – #189
    Starring - July 30th, 2013

    This is a car cranking custom video that doesn’t have any feet shot.  This custom focuses on Mandie as she’s zipping/unzipping a nylon jacket while trying to get the 72 Super Beetle running.  This custom also fulfills numerous requests for more upper body shots of a girl struggling to start….

  • This video is of Mandie driving us to and from a location where we shot a custom video.  This is a casual talking video as she works the pedals with a pair of stiletto leather pumps, sheer hose and an itty bitty skirt!  Whether she’s acting out a script or….

  • While we had the old Cadillac at our disposal, Mandie had kept asking to rev it up.  She loved this old Caddy and when I finally told her that she could rev it, she could hardly wait!  She ran inside to change and came out with this sexy outfit!  She….

  • Tinsley is filming this little ‘refresher’ course of Mandie driving a stick shift.  She hasn’t driven one in a while, so it’s a bit rough going as the girls head up and down the street.  My neighbors are probably wondering what the hell is going on?!  Lol!