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1420 – April Lee & Jane Domino Crank the Mercedes in Boots


Outfit & Shoes
Both girls wearing black boots. Jane wears a long dress or long skirt with top that has slit.
April Lee wears cutoff shorts  and low cut tank top.

Scene starts out with Mercedes on side of road somewhere with hood up and April Lee is standing in front of car looking upset. Jane has just pulled up to help and the girls say hello. April Lee gets in car to show Jane how car won’t start and filming is done from back near the rear tire and a meter or two away from the car.

April Lee cranks the car but it won’t start while Jane is watching by the open door. April then lets Jane try a few times before they let the car sit. Camera fades out.

Camera fades back in filming from near the front tire and a meter away from the car to see Jane from just to the side of the front windscreen. I like the shot to see her thighs and face in same shot, so adjust how needed to see.

Jane cranks aggressively and April tells her she’s flooding her car. After some more tries April wants to try and start it again. She pumps more softly and does mostly holding the pedal floored all the way down. Car still doesn’t start. Camera fades out.

Camera fades in and both girls are standing in front of the car by the engine thinking of what to do next. Camera is filming from the front of the car getting the girls full body and whole view of the car. After a few moments, April tries starting the car again and car fires up. Both girls are excited and Jane closes hood quickly so April can go before car dies. April takes off with Jane following in her car.

The End.

Thank you for using new Mercedes. I am excited to see it in more videos!

Length: 6:02

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 523 MB


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