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1328 (PiP) – Vivian Ireene Pierce Notices Employee Likes Watching Her Crank


Outfit & Shoes
Denim jacket; Tight, low-cut vest top. Blue denim jeans; Hooters style slouch socks worn over the bottom of her jeans, 80s style; Reebok princess sneakers. It would be great if Vivian could do her hair/make-up similar to 80s style – but that can be left up to Vivian.

**Same as 1328 but with picture-in-picture of the tailpipe.**
The idea for this video is Vivan is the boss and she has noticed her employee has been watching her trying to get her car started when leaving work. She finds out about this and decides to play on this and, being the great boss she is, Vivan invites her employee outside to watch her get her car going.

The video starts off with Vivan sat at her desk and calls in her employee.

Vivan explains that she knows why her employee is always the last one to leave the building at night; she has noticed him checking her out in the car park when she has been trying to get her old car started and deliberately stays late just so he can check her out and watch her do battle with her car.

Vivian says she knows her employee enjoys watching her struggle to get her car started and then begins to explain some of the problems her car has been giving her lately. For example, Vivian could say something like:

Every morning, for the last couple of weeks, my car has been so hard to start. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, as I’ve been far too busy at work to be able to get it to the garage, but when I can eventually get it started it is always stalling out on me. I have to rev it really hard to stop it stalling out, even then that doesn’t always work.

Like today, it took me the best part of 10 minutes to get my car to start, then I was revving it for the next 5 minutes but it still stalled out on me. Then I’m back to cranking it again. I’m now on my second battery! I don’t suppose you know what’s wrong with my car do you?”

Vivian then picks up her car keys from the desk and dangles them in front of her – Vivian says that she has had an idea; she explains that she can be a very good boss when the mood takes her and invites her employee to come and watch her car troubles up close.

The clip then cuts to Vivian sitting in the driver’s seat with the driver’s door open.

Vivian tells her employee to sit tight as it could take some time to get her car started.

Vivian then begins cranking her car over, but with no signs of it starting.

As Vivian is trying to get her car to start she pumps the gas pedal repeatedly and as it doesn’t start she begins to show a few signs of frustration like hitting the steering wheel and/or using a few choice swearwords! She then takes off her jacket.

Vivian says that she is going to check out under the hood to see if she can see anything wrong.

Vivian pops the hood, gets out of the car and the camera follows behind her and watches from behind, checking out the engine bay. Vivian notices her employee watching her and checking her out, so she looks back and flashes a cheeky smile at him from time to time.

Vivian says she can’t find anything wrong, so she will just have to keep trying (Vivian leaves the hood open).

Vivian gets back in the car and the camera follows behind her, back watching from the open driver’s door.

To make the show more exciting Vivian notices her employee checking out her sneakers and slouch socks. Vivian says something like: “I’ve seen you checking out my sneakers and slouch socks. Sexy aren’t they?’.

Vivian shows off her sneakers and socks to the camera, adjusting her socks (like pulling them back up and scrunching them back down a couple of times), while flirting with the camera.

Vivian then carries on cranking her car. It would be great if Vivian could get the car started, but to get it to stall out on her a couple of times.

Vivian’s frustrations come back and she says a few more swearwords and maybe hit the steering wheel in frustration.

Vivian looks over to her employee and says something like: “When this damn car starts I’m going to rev the hell out of it

With the next start attempt Vivian finally gets the engine started and begins her revving show.

Vivian gets the revs up good and high and notices all the smoke coming from her exhaust. So Vivian does a little bit of stand-up style revving so she can check out all the smoke that she is making stream out from the exhaust pipe.

Vivian then settles back in the car and gives another cheeky smile to her employee and then proceeds to put on a hard revving show. It would be great if Vivian could rev with both her right and left foot and, occasionally both!! (It would be great if Vivian occasionally presses and holds the gas to the floor during this part for like 3-5 seconds!).

After dominating her engine Vivian looks to her employee and says how much she enjoyed putting on this show for him and hopes to do it again sometime soon!

In terms of timings, I’m thinking perhaps 1 minute for the introductory part, 4-5mins cranking and 4 minutes or so of revving.

Camera angles:

Filmed mainly from the driver’s door with some close-ups of Vivian’s feet working the gas pedal 😀

Length: 13:09

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.43 GB

2 reviews for 1328 (PiP) – Vivian Ireene Pierce Notices Employee Likes Watching Her Crank

  1. valmet860 (verified owner)

    Great video please more of it with the reebok sneakers and more hard reving 🙂

  2. Ted Allen (verified owner)

    Really great video. Hopefully PTP can do this type of video with jane hard cranking & revving with Volvo. Anyway I’ve already purchased this video.

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