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1402 (Pedals) – April Lee’s Z28 Sabotaged by Co-Worker


Outfit & Shoes
Looking for sexy secretary, short skirt, tight blouse with lots of cleavage. Suntan sheer pantyhose and these shoes
Would be awesome if she had some pink or red nail polish on.

Video opens POV following April Lee to her car. The camera will stop in front of the car and April Lee will open the car door but before getting in will turn around smile and say, “Thank you for walking me to my car.” and she will get in her car.
POV will walk around to get a look at her through the open drivers window. April will look up at the camera with a sly smile and just start pumping the pedal.

Second view will be the driver side floor looking at the gas pedal, (like in Custom 1065a) will start here. She will say, “I know you walked me out here hoping my car wouldn’t start, well lets see what I can do about that.

She will do this for about 30 seconds just pumping the hell out of the pedal, fast and hard, rocking on her heel, using her entire leg, whatever she wants. She can be a tease too saying whatever she can think of while she is flooding it out, like “Do you think I will get it to start after all this pumping?
April Lee will stop look directly into the camera and say, “Oh I’m sorry but I’m afraid it will start.” and she will pin the pedal to the floor and try to start the car and after a few attempts it will start up.
She will look at the camera and laugh when it starts and say “What? you really thought it wouldn’t?
She will laugh and start revving it and start to check her makeup in the mirror.

POV will move to get a good view through the windshield. (Yeah I know not this again, can be off to the side not directly in front of the car maybe by the front tire looking through).
Then the main view will show a hand reaching up with a Key FOB and it pressing a button. April Lee won’t see this as she will still be busy fixing her makeup in the mirror and still revving the engine. Just after the button is pressed the car will die . April Lee will not notice right away and still be hitting the pedal like she is still revving it. Then when she does finally notice she will not be concerned and say “Stupid car stay running” she will just hold the pedal to the floor again and try to start it up but this time it won’t start. She will try again still holding the pedal to the floor.

When it doesn’t start the second time she will look up at the camera and try again but saying “come on start” Then she will get concerned and start to pump the pedal and crank it.

Looking directly at POV most of the time with a questioning look and saying “Why won’t it start?” She will keep trying and get more and more upset and begin to really pound on the pedal and also slam it to the floor and hold it down hard, while cranking. She will begin to beg and plead for it to start, saying “please start for me” “What is wrong with you?” “I am sorry I teased you really I am, I can’t get it started now” just getting more frantic and almost on the verge of tears, she will be looking at the camera while saying these things like “Oh please start” “Did I flood it?” and anything else she can think of, just tell her to let loose.

In the end the battery will die and April Lee will just look at the camera and say, kinda crying “my car”. Video ends

Length: 6:19

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 260 MB

1 review for 1402 (Pedals) – April Lee’s Z28 Sabotaged by Co-Worker

  1. clamo636 (verified owner)

    what is that stuck to the shoe?

  2. Shishkbob

    I’m not sure what that is. Part of the pantyhose or the inner lining of the shoe could be bunching up.

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