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1325 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Cranking the Camaro Z28 in Tevas Sandals


Outfit & Shoes
I want her to wear a black tank top, daisy dukes and a pair of Tevas sandals with no socks.

I would like to start off with her going to the car with the cameraman following her (full body view). When she sits in the drivers seat, want the camera to zoom in on the pedals. She will start pumping the gas pedal and flooding the engine (ankle pumping with her heel on the ground, no leg bounce). Keep the floor-well view for a minute and a half.
From there, set the camera in the floor behind her feet at an angle where I can see her heel but also the side of her foot, and she can start cranking from here, but keep the car flooded. Keep it there for a minute and a half.
Finally, get a behind the pedal view for the rest of the video.
At the end of the video I want her to stomp the gas, hold it there for five seconds and slowly let up. At the end I want her to look at the camera between the pedals, wink and smile, and then say, “That’s for you, big guy!

Length: 5:53

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 572 MB


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