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1401 – April Lee in ‘Give Me the Keys’


Outfit & Shoes
Leather riding boots over jeans and a cowgirl hat.

It’s a chilly day and April is wearing jeans tucked into knee high boots with a jacket and her hat.  She is walking with you towards the Monte Carlo and, with a coy smile, says “I’m driving, give me the keys”.  You hand her the keys and she heads to the driver side.  She has little experience with classic cars and she isn’t fully prepared for how the classic Chevy can behave in the cold.  April has a hell of a time getting the Monte Carlo to start and run.  Lots of flooring, pumping, rough starts, revving and stalling.

  • The intent is a natural and realistic cold start and difficult warmup of a poorly tuned car.
    • The car should progress from not starting, to almost starting, to starting & running roughly & stalling.
  • After the third scripted start attempt, everything else is improvisation.


  • Tight Jeans tucked into boots in order of preference:
    • The recently delivered size 7 black dressage (riding) boots.
    • The size 6 Brown Nine West
    • Black Alex Marie tall black boots
    • The size 6 Brown / Dark brown carriage style
  • May need knee high socks under the jeans so the boots look snug at top of calf.
  • Blouse or shirt of her choice or Leather jacket.
  • Black cowgirl hat if it’s available.


  • Confident, composed and firm. She isn’t afraid of a challenge.
  • She is not a damsel in distress nor would she get anxiety or shed a tear over a difficult situation.
  • She might command or encourage the car, and she will use salty language, but she would NEVER beg.
  • After the 3 scripted start attempts her actions should always be to really force the car to start and run – even if it deviates from the script.
  • As the car continues to be uncooperative, her mood should shift from confident / arrogant to irritated to firmly stern and finally maybe a little pissed – but always composed.


  • Seat should be adjusted so that when the pedal is held to the floor, the leg is mostly straight.  With the pedal pushed firmly to the floor, and the leg almost straight, the small of her the back should be up against the seat back.
  • Most of the foot should fit on the pedal and be aligned along the length of the pedal (avoid the casual angled look for this custom).
  • It’s great if the left leg is extended forward so we can see it too, but if that feels unnatural, she can put it where it feels natural.
  • Ideally the default body position has the model turn her head just slightly toward camera, eyes looking outside the car, focused distantly as she listens intently for the car to start.

Length: 16:48

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.28 GB


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