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0050 – Aylalee Driving with Her Feet On the Steering Wheel


Outfit & Shoes
Any outfit. No shoes, red toenail polish.

Filmed in 2008, Aylalee spends this entire clip driving with her feet on the steering while. She has the cruise control set at 70mph and just props her little feet with red toenail polish up at the 10’o-clock and 2’o-clock position and keeps the car in between the lines. She curls her toes over top of the steering wheel to kinda grab it as if it was her fingers most of the time.

So this isn’t technically a pedal pumping video but more of a foot fetish video, just so we’re clear.

*If you use VLC media player to watch videos and find that the video looks a little distorted (too tall or too wide), click the ‘A’ key to cycle through the different aspect ratios till it looks right.

Length: 10:03

Resolution: 720x480

File Size: 117 MB


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