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1339 – Jane Domino & Little Billy Go to the Lake & Have Car Trouble


Outfit & Shoes
Bikini and mules (if possible the same outfit you used in your video of Jane and the camper posted 9/14/2017).

Billy has been after his mom (Jane) to take him to the beach. She finally agrees and the video starts with Jane coming out of the bedroom and in slight exasperation telling Billy she’s looking for the keys to the old camper because her car is in the shop. She finds them and they go to the camper. She asks him if he’s looking forward to a day at the beach while he fixates on her beautiful rear from behind and the slapping of her leather mules on her heels as she walks (slightly struts her stuff). They get into the bus and angles are from the passenger seat and the rear cabin area. Jane pumps before, during and between several cranking attempts, mostly with her whole leg. She can be seen bouncing. The bus initially gives her nothing, then begins to chug and tease. She gets increasingly frustrated but tries to reassure Billy that it always does this and she’ll eventually get it started. She does finally get it started and they’re on their way. It stalls at a couple of intersections and takes between two and four tries with pumping to start it. They go to the drive thru to pick up a snack for lunch and it stalls while waiting in line and takes a lot to get started again. They finally get to the beach and the film cuts to them returning to the van after a long day of playing. Jane tries and tries but the van won’t start.
I really like it when the model slips her bare foot in and slightly out of the sandal revealing that it is well-worn with toe and heel prints. I’m not too particular about how Jane has her hair arranged or what makeup she wears, though she is beautiful when she wears lipstick and hoop earrings. I also like her toes painted. Thanks!

Length: 25:26

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.90 GB

1 review for 1339 – Jane Domino & Little Billy Go to the Lake & Have Car Trouble

  1. frenchpedalpump62 (verified owner)

    There is not drive thru scene and not traffic . This video is not realist !

  2. Shishkbob

    The descriptions for all of these videos in the store are just the script submitted by the customer. Often times, there are changes that have been made or optional scenes that can be done. I don’t add these to the description but I will try to make notations/adjustments to the script I’m posting to show if there are any deviations from what is written in the script versus what you’re going to see in the video.

    Sorry for any confusion that might of caused.

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