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0983 (HD-MP4) – Britney & Sasha Bikini Cranking the Generator & Volvo in Clogs


Outfit & Shoes
Bikini’s and clogs or wedge sandals

Hi, thinking about a story where Sasha and Britney are kind of babysitter/student girl and Britney wants to teach Sasha to start the car. The car should crank and can also sometimes start. But it should immediately die and be flooded.
They should pump the gas very hard and aggressive. The camera should always film in total view so that i can see the face and the feet of the girl that is cranking the car.
The girls can take turns at cranking but Sasha should do the bigger part of the video.
Is it also possible that Sasha tries to pull-start the power generator i bought for you some times ago? Would be great if possible 🙂

**Clip is split 50/50 with the girls cranking the generator by the pull-start handle in the first half and then trying to start the Volvo in the second half.

Length: 17:22

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 785 MB


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