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0612 (HD-MP4) – Cassandra & Tinsley Can’t Get the Z28 Started in Boots


Outfit & Shoes
Cassandra in black Aldo leather knee high boots and Tinsley wearing the grey Journey flat knee high boots. Jeans and cute top for both.

I would love for the ladies to be chatting and walk out to the car. Tinsley driving first. She has a hard time starting the car. Cassandra then gets in the driver seat and tries with luck after a little bit. She takes off driving and the car sputters and dies. She cannot restart it. Tinsley gets back in the driver side to take over. It just sputters and teases with a all of her pumping. They never get it restarted. They are pissed! At the end Tinsley says that “I” or Jimmy will be mad, He told me not to flood it. I would like for them to be in jeans and a cute top. I will try to attach a link for the boots.

**They couldn’t get the car started to do the driving part, this cranking/driving clip ended up being a cranking only clip.**

Length: 7:00

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 308 MB


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