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0764 – Dakota Charms Pantyhose Cranking Tease in the Monte Carlo


Outfit & Shoes
I’d like Dakota to be wearing a short tight black dress and black pantyhose. Grey hose will work as well. I would like her to wear black sandals with an anklet under the pantyhose.

From the passenger side it starts out with her getting in the car and saying “Hey Scott. I hear you would like to see my pretty feet close up while I crank this car. I think that can be arranged. Now watch my foot work this pedal for you“.

Then she starts cranking.
It pans down to a super close up of her foot. Almost touching it. Panning from the toes down to her heel and across the top of her foot.
Then a close up of her entire foot.

Then we pan up from her foot looking up at her from the floor board. She looks into the camera and says “ Are you enjoying the view from down there? Do you like it? I love pumping this pedal for you. Am I turning you on? Cause I hope I am“.

Then it’s back to a close shot of her foot.
Then maybe a shot from her pov, then a close up from her pov.

Then it pans to a full body shot and she says “ I wish I could get this car started for you. My foot is doing everything she can for you.”

Then it pans to a waist down shot and then one last close up of her foot.

As the video ends she says ” Bye scott. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.”

I like to see a heel toe type pumping style and I’d like her to continually pump the pedal throughout the entire video except when she says her lines.

Length: 5:16

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 223 MB


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