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0901 – Dirty Diana Breaks Down in the Coronet with Little Billy


Outfit & Shoes
Tan pantyhose, denim shorts, t-shirt or sleeveless dark color top and hair down.

Vivian Irene pierce is out of town and cannot care for LITTLE BILLY so dirty Diana has been hired to pick him up at school and take care of him.
The video begins with DD driving and talking to little Billy assuring him he will have just as much fun at her place as he would at VIP’s. As she is talking she looks up and yells hold on and she slams on the brake with both feet. As she went around the corner a tree had fallen on the road and it was noticed at the last second.

She tells Billy, “Now do you see why I told ya to where your seat belt?!

She hops out to check for damages but the car halted an inch from the fallen tree. She gets back in the car puts it in reverse jams the gas pedal but nothing happens. She sees the check engine light and other lights on and sees the motor stalled. She puts it in park and tries to crank it but it just spins over and over again.

She looks at Billy and says,”Huh….pump the gas pedal?

She does and the cranking and pumping marathon begins. She does some long twists of the key and some different pumping techniques mostly pumping and grind but all she gets from the motor is the raspberries. She assures Billy everything will be ok but Billy don’t seem to mind which is kind of creepy but DD keeps that to herself. At the halfway point she gets out her phone and sends out a SOS text to Brittany Bordeaux who lives near where they are stranded. She then primes the carburetor with a attitude twist the key and still no catch.

She looks at Billy saying, “I KNOW YOU SMELL GAS!! WHAT DO YOU THINK IT RUNS ON, COAL?!!

She tries again but nothing and then looks at Billy and says, “What??……take my shoe off?

She tries it again and then says, “Oh here!” She takes off her Keds rubs her stocking feet together. She gives her shoes to BILLY and tells him not to sniff them, he doesn’t wanna get sick.

She tries a few more times cranking and pumping in her stocking feet but no success and the battery is getting tired. A strange car pulls up behind them. DD tells Billy to scrunch down in the floor board. She looks back and as the PTP logo comes up we hear DD yell, “Britney? ?! Is that you?!

The video ends at that.

Show from a boys view from the passenger seat with plenty of leg-well and some upper body as DD is talking to BILLY and a few close ups of her hand twisting the key.

Length: 9:48

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 479 MB


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