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1426 (HD-MP4) – Jane Domino’s Camaro Won’t Start & Boyfriend Won’t Help


Outfit & Shoes
Black tank top, jean shorts, and brown size 6 Birkenstock clogs

Jane is on her way out to spend the day with the girls. She’s taking the Camaro because she wants to show it off. Filming starts from the passenger side as she attempts to get it started, but it’s only sputtering and chugging, not staying running. Jane can be known for flooding it out, but she refuses to admit it. Several minutes go by, and she gets more of the same. She decides to call you, her boyfriend, and gives you a piece of her mind for the car not starting. “What’s wrong with the Camaro? I thought you fixed it?” she gripes at you. “No, I’m not flooding it, it just isn’t starting” she says in an annoyed tone. She demands that you come home and take a look at it, but you tell her no, which pisses her off and she hangs up on you. She decides to look under the hood and see if she can fix whatever is wrong with it herself. She doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary and goes back to trying. Being more agitated, Jane is giving the gas pedal firm full leg pumps, pushing back against her seat. She’s not holding it to the floor long enough and can’t find the right mix of flooring and pumping to get the engine started as she continues to struggle.

Even though you told her you weren’t coming home, you decided to pop up anyway because this moment is too good to pass up. You walk up quietly to her from the driver’s side. Her left leg is out, the hood is up, and you can smell gas from a mile away. You decide to watch and take in the moment before you say anything for a several minutes. You see her arm wrapped around the steering wheel, her body bouncing in the seat, and her leg going to town on the gas pedal. She curses the car for not starting and then she finally notices you watching from the corner of her eye and begins nagging you. “You just going to stand there and watch or help me get this thing started?”. You wave your hand in front of your face indicating you smell a bunch of gas, which ticks her off even more. “I don’t smell anything” she says in denial. She decides that she doesn’t need your help and continues to try to get the car to start her way instead of just holding it to the floor long enough for it to clear out. You decide to get in the passenger seat and just watch since she says she doesn’t need your help. More bouncing and sputtering from failed attempts until she finally decides to take your advice and start holding the pedal down long enough for it to clear it out. The engine finally clears out and roars to life. She brags “I told you I know what I’m doing”. Even though it took a lifetime to start it. She gets out, closes the hood, and tells you to get out, so she can finally go see her girls. As soon as you step out you here to engine chug out on her and it stalls. She bangs her hands on the steering wheel in frustration. You make your way to the front of the car as you antagonize her from the front windshield. She flips you the bird and goes back to cranking and pumping. You see her bouncing as she once again gives the car some choice words. Several failed starting attempts go by, and she realizes she isn’t going to win this battle. She finally gets out and storms off. “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight she yells”.

Details: If Jane could hold the steering wheel with both hands when she is feathering the gas pedal trying to keep the engine running similar to a few of her videos that would be great. Also, if she could slide her bare feet in out of the Birkenstocks and comment on how sweaty her feet are getting in between a few cranking attempts that would be great as well.

Length: 20:33

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.94 GB


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