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1341 – Jane Domino Interior Designer’s Dumpy Car Takes a Dump


Outfit & Shoes
Sexy dress, nude hose, and blue Patricia Green slippers (provided)

Interior Designer

Car: Monte Carlo or Cherokee
Clothes: Sexy dress, nude hose, and slippers provided
Floorboard: light on
Length: 20 minutes

Jane is off to meet a new client for her interior design business. She gets in her Monte Carlo, and it takes a few attempts of cranking and pumping to get going. She heads down the road, and the car starts acting up, and stalls. Jane starts cranking and pumping trying to get the car started, after a few attempts the car comes to life, and she is on her way. Jane’s car continues running rough, and as she makes her way down the road, she stops at the home store to pick up some samples. Jane gets in her car, and now the car does not want to start, apparently it is flooded. Jane is determined to meet her client, and starts cranking, pumping, and bouncing trying to get the car started. Jane is getting frustrated, and finally after several attempts the car starts, and she heads on down the road. Jane gets a call from the client, and she must reschedule due to Covid. Jane pulls into a drive through to grab a bite to eat. Jane’s car starts acting up on her, and stalls. Jane is an old pro at getting her car going, and starts cranking and pumping, and after a few tries gets her car going. She grabs her food, and heads on down the road.

Length: 25:26

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.92 GB


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