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1347 – Jane Domino Parking Lot Flooded Cranking in Pantyhose & Brown Loafers


Outfit & Shoes
White office blouse or top (button down optional)
Pencil skirt or Pleated Skirt (brown or plaid pattern optional)
Dark Brown or Dark color pantyhose
Brown Coach Loafers
Hair down or in a Pony tail
Hanging earrings (optional)
Bracelet on right arm (optional)
Glasses or Sunglasses on (optional)
Props (optional) – Purse on passenger seat, Starbucks coffee on dash


Camera Position: All Backseat
Camera Angles: Full Body view (head to foot), Bottom Half (thigh, leg, foot), Top Half (head to thigh), Occasional Close-Ups

Story: Jane has agreed to pick up a friend for lunch, who has recently started a new job. Her friend’s new employer is located along a street which only has limited, parallel street parking available. Given it’s lunch time, parking is at a premium but she’s managed to find a loading/temp spot with a 10 minute limit.

Parking the Monte- (2 minutes) Jane backs into a curbside or temp parking space, taking care to get the land barge properly docked. After parking, Jane gingerly feathers the gas pedal in an attempt to keep the hot engine running and to keep the AC running!

Not wanting to get a ticket, Jane keeps her eye out for parking enforcement. After waiting and revving a few minutes, Jane cuts the car off. However, she thinks she sees parking enforcement and attempts to restart the car but it’s proving to be difficult.

Restart Attempt I – Calm Pumping – (3 minutes) Jane cranks and only gives the gas pedal a few gentle pumps at a time, fully expecting the car to restart immediately.

Restart Attempt II – Gentle Pumping and Holding the Pedal Down – (4 minutes) Jane begins to gently pump and also hold the gas pedal down while cranking this time, hoping it will catch. The Monte shows some signs of wanting to start and Jane patiently coaxes it on with her right foot.

Restart Attempt III Success! – Gentle Revving and Pull out – (1 minute) Jane finally gets the Monte Carlo to refire and gingerly revs the engine. She quickly tries to get it in gear and pulls out of the space before she gets a ticket!

Length: 11:05

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 924 MB


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