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1428 – Jane Domino Aggressively Cranking the Monte Carlo in Pajama’s


Outfit & Shoes
Outfit -Pajama pants/flimsy sweatpants with thongs. Loose fitting T-shirt with no bra. No make up. Hair a little messy
Shoes – 7.5 green & white Havaianas from model closet

Starts with Jane getting in the car (have the seat all the way back so she has to stretch her leg and arch her foot to floor the pedal).

She starts by giving it 4 or 5 slow full leg extension pumps into the floorboard with a slight hold at the end. She turns it over and slowly pumps the pedal a couple of times. It teases her so she starts pumping it faster bouncing trying to get it to start. It sputters and stalls.
When it stalls she doesn’t let off the pedal. She puts all her weight on it, leg fully extended, ass off the seat with the pedal buried in the floor and turns it over. She keeps it there and it starts to sputter and chug and she starts pumping aggressively bouncing like crazy begging it to catch. It stalls again.

She readjusts herself in the seat hugging the steering wheel. She starts pumping it before she turns the key. As she turns the key she buries the pedal in the floor and starts getting pissed and cursing for it to start. It starts to sputter and she’s going crazy pumping, holding and burying the pedal trying to get it to start. But it just chugs out.
She says shit I flooded it out. I don’t have time for this.
She starts pumping like crazy (show upper body with the flimsy shirt with no support)
She turns the key pushes herself back in the seat holding g herself off the seat with her other arm to bury as hard as he can in the floor (grunting making faces cause she is giving it everything she can to start it. It just get hardest and harder to start before it starts to sputter and never catches.

Mixture of full body from passenger side, over the shoulder from back seat and a couple brief close ups of her foot arched when pedal is buried in the floor

Repeat different combos of the pumping styles described for the duration of the video. The car never starts just teases the fuck out of her posing her off and she get more and more desperate actually flooding it worse

Length: 7:52

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 498 MB

1 review for 1428 – Jane Domino Aggressively Cranking the Monte Carlo in Pajama’s

  1. spa271150 (verified owner)

    This is one of those clips in which you have to sit back and remember how lucky we are to be able to view footage of this calibre.
    It’s one of the finest and most natural clips you’re likely to watch. it genuinely takes you back to the days when this sort of thing did happen on a much more frequent occurrence.
    Jane looks amazing as ever, that girl manages to make sweat pants look sexy, it’s quite an achievement. And the way she cranks and works the gas from start to finish is exquisite. She puts is so much effort to get the flooded Monte Carlo started but of course she just makes it worse and finishes up exhausted from her efforts.
    An absolute gem of a clip, it’s a 10/10 from me.
    Thanks again for all involved at PTP for continuing to keep us entertained with such quality material.

  2. Shishkbob

    Glad you liked it! Thank you for the purchase and review. Reviews like this help convey details that the description of the video doesn’t always mention. She definitely took the phrase, “Put your leg into it!” quite literally. lol

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