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1337 – Jane Domino Revving the Volvo in Blue Clogs & Pantyhose


Outfit & Shoes
Size 7 Blue Troentorp Clogs (Jane wore these in Jane Domino Revs the Volvo in Blue Swedish Clogs). Outfit: Same outfit and look (with the blue clogs instead of the loafers) from Jane Domino Cranking the Mopars in Dr. Scholl’s Loafers & Pantyhose- Custom 948. This appears to be a semi long gray plaid pleated skirt, white top, denim jacket and pale nude pantyhose. Please have Jane wear her hair down with earrings and a very elegant look with lots of eye shadow and mascara. If possible have her wear bracelets and an anklet UNDER HER PANTYHOSE.

(Please do not go beyond 2 min for this first scene)
The scene opens with Jane standing up against the car front fender with her right leg behind her resting on the fender under her skirt. (I can send a screen capture of this position which she did on the referenced video).

Jane sees Paul, a so called revving admirer of Vivian, approaching and says “Hi Paul, shouldn’t you be at work? Vivian isn’t here today.” Jane then proceeds to switch her right leg with her left leg leaning up against the fender. Knowing that she has his attention, she then proceeds to open the car door, sit on the seat, keep her feet outside, tapping her clogs on the ground alternately to get his attention (Tapping should be similar to the way Jane tapped in her Keds in (Jane Domino Sexy BabySitter in Keds, “Let’s Make a Deal).

She then takes her shoes off and starts to fuss with straightening her toe seams, lots of toe flicking also, and tells him, “I need to fix my seams, why don’t you get in on the other side? These clogs are nice but they make my feet get really hot and sweaty.

He gets in and Jane puts her shoes on, closes the door and starts the car and warms up the car.
(At this point the camera focuses alternately on Jane’s feet and full body, and the view is from her admirer from the passenger seat). (Please have Jane look at her admirer and smile and raise up her eye brows several times, I have seen customs where Brooke does this quite often).
Jane starts to get more aggressive with the revving and says to her admirer “Do you like that? Do you like my sexy clogs at work, on this pedal?
(The camera should pan to Jane’s face as she says this then pan down to the pedal as she increasingly revs).

Jane then goes on to rev more and more aggressively, some really hard revving and the camera should do a lot of face angles and panning up and down to show some great close ups of her feet as she is revving. Jane then begins fixing her makeup, applying lipstick (while looking in the rear view mirror) while applying makeup please have jane sustain the rev, doesn’t have to be super hard rev but a sustained racing of the engine.
(Please do close ups of her face while she is applying the makeup).

She says “I should tell Vivian you are here” “Hmm, that would make me a snitch now wouldn’t it?”

Revving more and more, she then pauses and says “I guess you should be going, you are going to be late for work”.

He leaves the car and Janes watches to make sure he is gone. (Please zoom in on her face as she watches and then when she is sure he left, she first bites her lower lip and picks up her phone and calls Vivian. Jane slips her feet out of her clogs and starts revving again and Vivian answers. She says “Vivian, guess who was just here” A huge devious smile comes on her face and the clip fades out.

Length: 6:55

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 579 MB


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