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1387 (Pedals) – Persephone Pierce Gets Invited Out If She Can Start the Volvo


Outfit & Shoes
Tank Top (either red, yellow, orange, or pink)
Flip Flops (Specifically these

If it is too cold for that, have her wear the denim jacket and dress she wore for custom 1356, while she wears these flats without socks.

I would also prefer she not have a nostril piercing this time.

**This is just the pedal view only!
She is sitting on a chair with her right leg crossed over her left leg, dangling her flip flop, when she gets a call from a friend. The friend invites her to lunch at Olive Garden, and she giddily accepts the offer. She mentions that her car is in the shop, but her dad’s car is available, so she’ll try driving that, even though it’s a stick shift. Start off with a full body shot of her sitting on the chair during her phone call and have a close up of her right hand as she grabs the Volvo’s keys. She then walks out of the house and over to the Volvo. When she gets inside, she rubs her hands on the steering wheel and says “Alright Volvo, a friend has invited her to Olive Garden and I am quite hungry right now. Please start for me”. She then looking into the camera and says “If I remember what Dad said correctly, I have to pump the gas, push in the clutch, and then it should start”. Have an upper body shot of her as she says that and a lower body shot of her feet during the first two cranking attempts. In between the 2nd and 3rd cranking session, have an upper body shot of here while she says “Oops, let me try this again”. She then proceeds to crank the Volvo more, sweet talking and coaxing it, hoping that will encourage it to start. In the middle of the cranking session, have an upper body shot when she says “I really need you to start, you are only making me more hungry”. Have a mix of upper and lower body shots as she cranks the car for about 3 minutes. When she eventually gets it started, have an upper body shot of her giddily clapping her hands. She then proceeds to rev the car for a minute while smiling and giggling. At the end, she says, “Alright, it’s time for much with my friend. Olive Garden, here I come”. She then wiggles the gearshift as the camera fades. The PiP view should be underneath the drivers seat, with the same view that was used in custom #1292 and #1356.

Length: 5:24

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 260 MB


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