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1390 (HD-WMV) – Persephone Pierce Can’t Start Her Volvo in Converse


Outfit & Shoes
If Persephone owns high top Converse All Stars, I would like her to wear them. If heaven allows, that she has more than one pair, then I might order more than one video and I’d like to see them to pick if at all possible. She can wear what she believes naturally goes best with them with her sense of style and I would be fine with that.
If she doesn’t have high top Converse All Stars, then high top Vans will also work, or knock-offs of either of those. If she has high top Adidas or Nike, I’d have to see them first. If she doesn’t have high tops, if she owns low top Converse All Stars or knock-offs, that would work, but not as preferred.

If she doesn’t own anything close, please have her use these: Vivian wearing those in the Coronet for my custom video is one of my absolute favorite videos, my god! Between her, the car, those shoes and the setting, it doesn’t get better.

Since you state no driving, then cranking, otherwise if a little ‘driveway’ driving is allowed, then cranking and stalling.

I would like it to start with a trailing camera, following her to her car, as close as a full body shot allows then entering the vehicle with the camera then shooting from the passenger view. She could start with a little flat cranking, then cranking that flutters and sounds like it might catch, but just doesn’t. If stalling is allowed, then I would like it to catch after 2-1/2 minutes or so and have her start down the driveway only to have it stall (love to see the red lights come on) and have her struggle with it again, almost catching but then flat cranking at the very end with her giving up and looking in the camera and saying I think we’re stuck.

If the battery is low (nearing flat, but not necessarily going flat), that would be a bonus. If she looks into the camera at times, apologizing for it not starting, that would be great. If she needs to fumble with the choke to get the car to ‘misbehave’ properly, that’s fine.

Length: 5:37

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 238 MB


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