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1388 – Persephone Pierce Hoping Her Project Car Will Start Today


Outfit & Shoes
– Black Vans Slip-Ons (Size 7) –

– No socks

– Ankle chain or knit ankle bracelet on right ankle (optional)

– Dark or black tights, leggings or jeggings

– Dark colored, comfy or well-worn hoodie or sweatshirt

– Bright colored nail polish (optional)

– Hair down or tied in a bun (whatever she feels most comfortable in)

– Props – Rags, random car parts, part boxes, oil containers, screwdrivers and wrenches on dashboard, floor and passenger seat etc. It should look messy inside the car as though she’s been working on it for weeks.


Title: Persephone’s Project Car

Scenario: Persephone is excited about her Monte Carlo project car that she’s been working on for months. She’s sunk a ton of time and money into her Monte and she’s vlogging the first start up for her loyal social media followers.

– First Attempt – (1 minute)
Persephone is recording herself with a handheld camera or cell phone as she walks to the Monte Carlo and gets in the driver’s seat.

The camera is aimed at her feet as she walks toward the car. She can hardly contain her excitement as she opens the driver’s side door and prepares to start it for the first time!

Shooting from her POV, she narrates as she slips the key into the ignition and gives the car a few dry pumps before turning the ignition. She explains that her Mom told her that she may need to pump the gas pedal on these older cars when they’re cold so she proudly shares this tidbit with her followers before twisting the key.

After a couple of dry pumps, she turns the key while shooting her foot pumping the gas as the Monte cranks. Knowing it’s the first start up, she is patient and does not panic, while giving the gas pedal slow, steady pumps as she cranks it a few times.

Unfortunately the Monte cranks but does not kick over, leaving Persephone a little embarrassed. She turns the camera toward her and explains that she might need to make some adjustments. She then stops the handheld shooting. (Hard Cut)

– Start Attempt II – (2 minutes)
Take Two! Persephone has mounted the camera in the backseat so she can have her hands free, while getting the Monte to turn over. The stationary camera is already running as we see Persephone come from behind the hood and enter the driver’s seat.

Persephone hops in the driver’s seat and looks back at the camera to explain to her followers that she thinks she’s figured out what was wrong. She gives the car a couple of dry pumps before turning the key.

The Monte cranks and cranks as Persephone calmly pumps the gas pedal while cranking, being cautious not to flood it. She occasionally holds the gas pedal down while cranking also hoping it will fire up.

The Monte cranks and occasionally sputters and coughs as though it’s trying to turn over but no dice.

After several attempts, Persephone stops cranking and turns to the camera a bit frustrated but not defeated. She says, “I think I know what’s happening..” before stopping the camera. (Hard Cut)

– Start Attempt III – (2 minutes)
Persephone has now mounted the camera just outside the driver’s side door as we rejoin her attempt to get the Monte fired up.

Persephone enters the driver’s seat and smiles at the camera as she says “The third time’s the charm!” She places her foot on the gas pedal and holds it down as she turns the key.

The Monte cranks and coughs but doesn’t catch. Persephone continues her hold the pedal down approach for a few cranks. She then becomes a bit frustrated and starts pumping the pedal more rapidly, but still without stomping or getting worked up.

The Monte finally fires up and Persephone shrieks with joy as she gingerly revs the engine. She then smiles to the camera while waving before signing off.

Length: 6:28

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 440 MB


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