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1360 – Persephone Needs Moms Help Starting the Jeep


Outfit & Shoes
Something casual (no real preference) if the Adidas Stan Smith shoes ( fit vivians step-daughter then perfect otherwise whatever she wore down there will work for me

vivian asks her step daughter to go start the car and pull it up to the door so they can go to the store. her Step-daughter hops in the vehicle to start it, it doesnt crank when she turns the key… she’s seen her mum start the jeep before and knows you have to do something with the gas. She pumps it a few times and it doesnt start so she pumps it a lot more to see if it will go. Ultimately she ends up flooding it. Vivian comes out to see what’s going on, she hops in and shows her step-daughter how to clear it out. she then switches places with the step-daughter and she tried to get the jeep going again. She gets it started, gives it some revs.
Most shots are from the passenger side of full body and close ups on the feet

Length: 7:40

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 658 MB


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