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1340 – Scarlet’s Car Gets Sabotaged by Jealous Coworker


Outfit & Shoes
Business type outfit with a skirt, pantyhose and red stilleto pumps

Scarlet’s car gets sabotaged by a jealous coworker who is mad Scarlet got the job promotion she wanted.

Scene starts with coworker reaching under Scarlet’s hood to disable her car.

Next scene is filmed from passenger side. When Scarlet is trying to leave work, her car won’t start and she doesn’t know why. She tries for a while before seeing a coworker walking by and calls her over for help. Little does Scarlet know this is the jealous coworker who sabotaged her car.

Next scene is from the coworkers point of view standing by the open drivers door. Scarlet is trying to start her car and asking her coworker what the problem is. Her coworker is annoyed that Scarlet got the promotion as is offering no help. She ends up showing Scarlet the wire she pulled and runs off with pissed off Scarlet chasing after her.

Length: 5:09

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 436 MB


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