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0615 (SD-MP4) – Tinsley Cranking the VW Bus Strappy Stiletto Sandals


Outfit & Shoes
Please have Tinsley wear a business skirt Knee length (Floral if possible) and dress top like she is going to work. Bare legs. Hair let down. Dress high hilled sandles or any hilled open toe. Look Dressed up and Sexy. Red or pink toe nails if possible.

Camera angle: I want the video shot straight in from the passengers and drivers side zoomed out a bit where I can see the full body with not cut off head, leggs and feet. I want straight shots full body. Please no upper body and feet and legs only shots. Also, no shots of the exhaust pipes and engine. Just the model cranking and trying to get the Bus started.

Shish, please when you do the filming from the passenger and Driver’s side of the Bus please have the camera raised up and tipped down a bit and zoomed out a bit getting the full body.

* Start the video with the model walking to the Bus and film her from the driver’s side getting in and and making herself comfortable in the seat. make sure when she is making herself comfortable as she does it have her squish the seat way back a couple of times, once she is comfortable the pumping and then cranking begins.

*Please no pumping the pedal with the whole leg. Just naturally by the foot only* Not fast pumping or baby step type pumping. Just natural medium speed pumping.

Tinsley is late for a presentation at work and is anxious and nervous about being late leaving as she is running behind. She gets into the Bus makes herself comfortable in the seat. As Tinsley is making herself comfortable in the seat have her squish the seat way back by pushing herself in the seat a couple of times until she is comfortable. Have Tinsley pump the gas pedal slow/medium speed for a bit before cranking. Also hold in the clutch. Once she cranks it will not turn over, then pump the gas pedal for a bit and start cranking again. Do this throughout the video. Film the video starting from the driver side and then from the passenger side. switch around through the video. If possible make the engine sputter at times, start for a short period and have her rev the engine to warm it up then stall. Keep doing the pumping before each crank. Have her hold in the clutch from time to time. During the video have her show herself getting frustrated and anxious and at times squishing the seat back. At the end have her get out and slam the door being upset and calling work that her car will not start

Length: 5:13

Resolution: 640 x 360

File Size: 39.2 MB


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