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0617 – Tinsley Stranded in a Parking Lot at Night


Outfit & Shoes
Turtleneck and black lounge pants, hoop earrings, ribbon bow hair and a blazer. Purse or shoulder purse red lipstick. I’m sending the ballet flats.

Tinsley is leaving the shopping center and walks to car. Her face becomes worried and she says “Oh no I left my lights on.

Ee see her walk to car take keys out of purse get in lock door. She is frantic very scarred. Before she starts cranking she says “Please start and get me home.

Car doesn’t start. If battery dead that’s fine. She’ll give it a momentary rest and try again. If it cranks and sputters or just cranks, that’s fine. Just adapt to whatever happens. She can improvise as much or as little dialogue as feels natural so long as she acts completely petrified at the thought of being stranded. No cell phones.

Video ends with her slowly roiling down drivers window saying to someone”I left my lights on and now I can’t get my car to start.”

If it can work one passenger door cam head to toe. One pedal cam. Chase cam takes occasional windshield shots and 1 or 2 shots of car in spot from 5 to 7 feet away.

Length: 7:56

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 316 MB

1 review for 0617 – Tinsley Stranded in a Parking Lot at Night

  1. cranker18 (verified owner)

    A good story (a classic one – a girl stranded with a dead battery after she left he lights on 🙂 ) Sound & picture are well done. Would have preferred if the battery would be much more weaker after she left the lights on.

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