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0666 – Vassanta Speaks Russian to You Before Driving & Revving the Z28


Outfit & Shoes
The same of the first custom (#665 found here), same shoes (size 7 Black Jante stiletto Pumps)

Finally Paolo arrives, Vassanta waiting him in car with legs and pantyhose teases. As she is Mother Russian Language, she talks to Paolo in Russian Language. She explain the two Camaros pedal: brake and gas pedal. Vassanta starts the engine showing her wonderful legs to Paolo doing a bit of teasing revving hard the engine. Vassanta drives to home in aggressive style. After a bit of drive, Vassanta stops the car in a secluded spot, change the shoes and ask to Paolo: do you like soft revving, and revs soft. Do you like hard revving? And revs hard. Hard revving? Okay watch me. Vassanta teases and revs hard.

**This ended up not being a hard driving or hard revving clip as she was a bit too mild to describe it that way. A mildly aggressive video would be more appropriate with a lot of flirting and teasing the way Vassanta does.

Length: 7:06

Resolution: 640x360

File Size: 85.5 MB


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