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0880 – Vassanta Driving & Revving the Coronet in White Pumps

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Outfit & Shoes
Short tight dress and white Pleaser pumps

Vassanta wears a sexy tight dress and her pleaser pumps. She’s pulling on to the main road because we stopped there to finish up a custom video, so she’s driving us back to the house. She floors the gas pedal including some good revving. When we arriving at home, ShisH is coming out from car but Vassanta blocks him saying: “where you go? I don’t finish with you” and give a final hard revving show showing her wonderful legs.

*There is a segment early in the driving part where you hear me talking..well, more like yelling at some fucking idiot who suddenly changed lanes into our lane for no reason. She has to slam the brakes on and then floors it to catch up and pass them so I can give them the ole 1-finger salute! She wasn’t too happy about it either. It was tempting to tell her to ram the bastard.

Length: 14:56

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 751 MB


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