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0788 – Cherry Morgan Flooring the Coronet in Pink High Heels


Outfit & Shoes
Outfit- Dressed up like she’s going to go clubbing/dancing. Short dress/skirt/shorts and bare legs (no pantyhose, lotion to make the legs shiny)
Size 7.5 Pink Calvin Klein Pumps

Camera Angles- Passenger seat just like in Alex Rayne Custom #301

Scenario- Pretty much Cherry having fun doing long, holding the pedal to the floor flooring back and forth on a stretch of highway much like Mari’s Custom Video #419 and Alex Rayne’s Custom Video #301. (It would be great if it were the same stretch of highway in either video #419 or #301.)

When Cherry punches the pedal to the floor, make it look like the same motion as what Alex Ranye did throughout Custom #301. Also include Cherry doing revving while in neutral (whenever she can) like what Hana did in Custom Video #511.

Length: 6:25

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 318 MB


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