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1382 – Vivian Ireene Pierce in ‘Just Like Granny Used to Do It’


Outfit & Shoes
Outfit = Vivian’s choice for comfort but don’t block the ankle area. Makeup = optional, not paying for face shots per say (models decision). Prefer no toe nail polish. No hosiery or socks please. Shoes from the size 6 assortment = red heel sandals (single strap with ankle band), OR the low heeled pair of wooden heel black slides, OR red heeled pumps if available ? (did not see any on the menu) Let Vivian select which ever pair works best for ankle only comfort pumping, her choice.

{Cranking no start video only. Rig car not to start. Take brake & clutch out of play. Maximize camera shots from back seat and/or footwell and down the leg shots. Use your creative genius and experience, for you are the best camera person on the web. No pedal poking pumping please. Do old woman granny type slow, steady, and deliberate ankle flexing pumping only. No rock band drummer action wanted, make it easy on Vivian !!. Want to see dry pumping at least 15 between short 3-5 second cranks with gas pedal floored during cranking. Shoe placement with heel on floor about an inch from the bottom left base of the gas pedal with heel at 7:00 and toe towards 1:00 more or less. Want to see top of pedal.} Scenario — This can be called “Vivian’s Inherited Clunker”. She inherited it from her grandmother who struggled to cold start it with at least 15-20 dry pumps (no wet pumping or use very limited wet pumping please) until it would even think about starting (have Vivian say that). If it is within budget ??, you can incorporate some “smart @$$” banter and comments from step daughter in the passenger seat (like Hana & Mari in the 3 part Volvo vid from years ago). You can be creative on dialogue with Vivian muttering out loud by saying ” Granny always said it would start eventually if it was pumped enough between cranks” or something like that. Close out by Vivian giving up and getting out with a door slam. Go ahead and be creative and tweak things a bit if needed, you are the expert.

Length: 10:33

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 842 MB


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