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1452 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Showing the Mercedes to Potential Buyer


Outfit & Shoes
I’d like to go with the size 7 black Vans slip ons and a casual tight jeans look. Would like to see her in tight jeans, cuffed above the ankle and any type of snug t-shirt, Jersey, or sweater.

Vivian is trying to sell the Mercedes but it won’t start. She is trying to hide her embarrassment by smiling and being playful, but the car just acts out in front of her potential buyer.

Story: Vivian is trying to get rid of her old Benz and a potential buyer has stopped by to check it out. She hasn’t started the car in a long time but just assumes (hopes) it will fire up so she can finally get rid of it.

Initially, she’s fairly confident that the car will start but she explains that it’s been sitting for a while, just before she inserts the key into the ignition. She twists the key and very casually, gingerly begins pumping the gas pedal. As the car cranks, she just smiles and tries to pretend the whole situation isn’t awkward.

After a few cranks the embarrassment begins to set in and she starts holding the pedal down while cranking in longer spurts. The car ‘does-what-it-does’ and Vivian tries to offer clearly made-up excuses for why the car won’t start.

Vivian continues to crank until the car either sputters and starts… or not. The video ends with her saying she’s flexible on the price, given it clearly needs some repairs.

Camera Angles (All from Driver’s side):
Exterior wide shot of Vivian getting into the car while keeping the driver’s door open  – 30 secs
Close shot of Vivian getting into position, adjusting her seat and priming the pedal, etc. while putting the key in the ignition – 30 secs
Close up shot of Vivian’s hand turning the key from the driver’s side – 30 secs
Close shot of Vivian’s facial reactions from the driver’s side or from behind the wheel – 30 secs
Close up shot of gauges, red lights, tach, needles, etc. as she cranks  – 30 secs
Wide driver’s side view of Vivian cranking and pumping (Full body view) – 30 secs
Medium driver’s side view of Vivian cranking the car and pumping (foot, legs, thighs in shot) – 1 minute
Close up view from Driver’s side of Vivian’s foot pumping the gas pedal – 1 minute

Length: 4:43

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 480 MB


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