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1353 (Alternate) – Vivian Ireene Pierce in “Teacher Gets Revenge on Disruptive Student”


Outfit & Shoes
Business,classy outfit. Business Pants, not skirt. With High Heels/Barefoot.

**Same as 1353 but the camera feeds are switched.**
Teacher gets revenge on a disruptive student…Sort of.

Vivian is a teaching assistant sitting at a desk, looking very annoyed. She is sneering at the camera whilst glancing at her phone. (she has a sassy attitude throughout the whole video). It’s a Friday afternoon and she has to supervise a detention for a single student(us, the camera). She talks about how angry and annoyed she is that she has to waste her Friday looking after you. And how this is nearly a weekly occurrence. Vivian talks about how she had wanted to go to the club/bar today with some friends, but NO, because you had to ruin it. And that she is pissed that you are the only student here. Getting impatient and agitated, she says “you know what, screw it” and snaps her fingers. This shrinks the student. And the camera starts getting lower to the ground.
(this segment lasts 2-3 minutes). Ad Libbing encouraged.

Next shot is now underneath the pedals. Vivian taunts the student who is now stuck to the gas pedal. She lowers her head to address and berate the student who is now stuck to her gas pedal. (ad libbing encouraged) Vivian mentions how good of a punishment this is for him. How there is nothing he can do, and no one is going to believe him if he ever tries to tell, since his reputation as an obnoxious student is widely known. She is tapping the gas pedal with her high heels periodically while taunting him.

She highlights her plan. She is going to drive to the club and see her friends. and inflict pain on you every time she steps on the gas, squishing you. And that you will be left stuck on her gas pedal for hours whilst she goes out clubbing. And then she will get back in her car after hours of clubbing, and drive you back to a park, squishing you with her giant feet on the pedal. And she will pluck your hurt body from her gas pedal and leave you on the pavement. And snap her fingers to slowly return you back to normal as she drives off.

She laughs maniacally. she then mentions “oh yeah, I drive barefoot!” *takes off heels*. And Vivian says it going to feel so good feeling her beautiful foot squish you whilst she drives.(Starts pressing pedal barefoot as an example) And how she might even floor it to REALLY hurt him. She then lowers her head and directs this line to her gas pedal and says “just know that you deserve this, loser!” *makes “L” shape with her fingers*
(this “monologue” segment can range between 2-4 minutes) Ad libbing is encouraged.

Vivian then goes to start the car. But the car doesn’t start. She is both angry and annoyed. Vivian does a variety of different pedal pumps (all barefoot) and key turns to try and coax the car into starting. From slamming the pedal to the floor to rapid pumps.  Grinding her foot into the pedal as it’s floored. Vivian tries keeping constant contact with the gas pedal as she pumps it slowly. Vivian does leg pumping for a bit. Vivian then changes her strategy.
Jane also does some ankle pumping where she keeps her heel to the floor, slams the gas pedal all the way with her soles, then lifts her soles up to where it no longer touches the gas pedal (whilst keeping her heel to the floor), then slams the pedal back down again, rinse repeat. Making separate presses of the pedal. Car still isn’t starting. Vivian gets desperate and tries to smother the gas pedal with both feet.

Dialogue during the cranking and pumping section:
Vivian screams “did you do something to my car?
No, impossible, look at how small he is, he is stuck.”
“Its just flooded
My foot is going to MAKE this car start

Vivian snarls her face, looking frustrated, mouthing the words “come on” and “start for me”.
And additional ad libbing from Vivian that fits with the story. Vivian is really good with that so I trust her judgement. Vivian never gets desperate or pleads. She is defiant, annoyed, sassy and has an attitude throughout the pumping.

(pumping is about 5-10 minutes in length). Ad libbing is encouraged.

Vivian eventually stops trying and is left feeling bummed out that she isnt able to get to the club.
She then tells her student that the day is not over. And the punishment is still on. That even though he is hurt from all the pumping she did, she has a lot more to do now that she can’t go clubbing.
She lifts both her feet up and says “brace yourself, this is going hurt“, and proceeds to smother the gas pedal with her feet.

Video ends.

The video is between 12-15 minutes in length.

(PIP camera. Primary angle is on the dash looking at Vivian’s face. good view of Vivian’s face and upper body throughout. Angle is such that the steering wheel does not obstruct her face.

(The secondary camera is underneath/behind the gas pedal. so it gives the sensation that Vivian is stepping on us. A good view of her soles. She talks and taunts us whilst looking down at her gas pedal.)

Length: 17:28

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 827 GB


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