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1430 (SD-MP4) – Vivian Ireene Pierce’s Car Won’t Start for Date With Jimmie


Outfit & Shoes
Top, black miniskirt, black sheer pantyhose and black pumps

The third time is a charm………0r is it?
VIP is going out again on a long promised date with her neighbor Jimmie or is she?
We see her high stepping to the car unaware that her so called mechanic RALPHIE who is upset over her rejection of him has taken the spark plug wires and distributer cap out of her car and hid it in his el Camino
She hops in the car and checks her make up and lipstick in the rvm
Then she primes the carburetor with a attitude turns the key and all it does is spin and no catch
She realizes it’s a cranking and pumping marathon with the motor giving her the raspberries while she quietly plea it to turn over,
She stops to chill and refocus and twirls her right foot a few times and then goes back to cranking and pumping
After a few attempts she stops
She pulls off her pumps rubs her feet together a few times a few times and goes back to cranking and pumping in her stocking feet till the battery gets weary and the starter goes slower and slower
She gives up and all she can say is WELL SHOOT. She takes out her phone and calls Jimmy and as the PTP logo appears she is waiting desperately for Jimmy to answer

Full body of her high stepping to the car
Full body of her cranking and pumping from passenger side and quite a bit of POV cranking and pumping both with and without shoes and one or two hand twisting key
The video begins with the slamming of the hood and The sound of RALPHIE sadistic snickering as he walks away
Floor light on

Length: 5:11

Resolution: 640 x 360

File Size: 78.5 MB


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