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1411 – Vivian Ireene Pierce in “Mom Can’t Get the Jeep Started Today”


Outfit & Shoes
In this video, Vivian can wear the sexiest, mom-like outfit she can come up with along with these tan boots:

I’m outside in the backseat of the car waiting for my mom, Vivian, to leave out of the house. We’re supposed to be going on a shopping trip to town but if this car behaves anything like how it was yesterday we won’t be going anywhere. I see her exit the house, walk in front of the car and open the door to climb into the driver’s seat. She gets situated and asks me if I’m buckled up and good to go as she sticks the keys in the ignition. My mom has a specific pedal pumping style where she pumps the gas several times and then holds the pedal to the floor, after which she turns the key. Sometimes it works, other times it makes things worse. She’s trying it now and all she gets is a bunch of sputters and teases. After a while, she does manage to get it going and gives it a few good revs before throwing it in reverse and backing out. She manages to make it halfway down the driveway before the car stalls out on her. She shoves the shifter in park with frustration and goes back to her pumping technique to get it started again. I start to smell that dreaded stench of failure in the air and I’m sure my mom smells it too. Eventually, she gives up saying she’s flooded the car out too badly. She orders me out of the car telling me we’ll try again later.

Length: 5:36

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 476 MB


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