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1404 (Alternate) – Vivian Ireene Pierce Driving the Tacoma Suit, Socks & Keds


Outfit & Shoes
Casual office work style Blue striped dress and Leather white keds and white hooter style slouch socks

Main camera view: angled downward towards shifter and foot pedal From Between middle to passenger side

Small view: Facing towards driver from passenger side

I just finished work driving home from the office wearing my blue dress and White Leather Keds for a comfortable drive home. We start out of the parking lot and enter the main road. However we divert to the back roads due to increasing traffic. I am doing a lot gear shifting and working the pedals, this also barely ever happens as i stall the car trying to enter the the road and again at a stop sign How embarrassing. finally i make it home after reversing into my house backing the car into my spot. Im finally glad we a re home

Length: 16:40

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 673 MB


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