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1410 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Red Heels Test Drive


Outfit & Shoes
T-shirt, blue skinny jeans, high heels

Vivian is interested in purchasing a truck from me and wants to check it out. The video begins with Vivian sitting on the couch or a chair showing her putting her shoes on before she comes outside to meet me.
As she approaches the suv she comments how much she likes it as she opens the door to get in the drivers seat. Before starting the engine, she adjusts everything to her specifications
Can we go for a test drive?” she asks.
I join her in the passenger seat and we begin driving. She tells me how she likes the suv as she notices how I keep staring down at her feet; hoping that she’ll get a better deal on the suv, she asks if I like her shoes as she pulls her pants leg up to get a better view. She also begins driving faster and flooring the pedal intermittently, asking if I like how she’s letting the suv know she’s in charge.

Length: 25:10

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.83 GB


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