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1357 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Helping Her Neighbor Start His Old Car


Outfit & Shoes
Sweater, tight(ish) jeans they dont have to be skinny jeans, just fitted nicely
Birkenstock sandals (

Vivian is your neighbor. She sees you outside working on your car (camaro or monte) and she decides to bring over a package that was wrongly delivered to her house. She shows up in a sweater, tighter fitting jeans, white socks and her casual birkenstock sandals you have some casual banter and then she asks, “Do you need a hand with the car?

You respond with, “Sure! mind hopping in and trying to start it?

She obliges and gets in and starts to turn the engine over, the car doesn’t start, she asks,”Do i need to give it gas?” and you reply with “Yeah, and don’t be shy!

Vivian smiles and pumps the gas pedal rapidly (ankle pumping with stationary heel if possible). You walk around to ensure shes doing it right (clearly to see her pumping) and then go back to under the hood.A fter some struggle and a few failed starts with fast pumping, mixed with holding it to the floor and laying right off the gas the vehicle starts with some good revs.

You walk around to thank her and she says, “We should probably take it for a rip around the block, no?

Of course you hop in and you go for a good rip, you tell her that she can “have some fun” and she obliges. The car stalls out a time or two but shes able to get it back going, you casually mention “This isnt your first time with a carbureted car is it?

She just smiles and says, “Absolutely not.”

Length: 15:51

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.35 GB


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