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1359 (Out of Gas) – Vivian & Persephone Run Out of Gas


Outfit & Shoes
For Vivian, outfit from Custom 1293 (black mini skirt and purple top with heels.)
As for her stepdaughter, some kind of schoolgirl outfit

*This is the cranking segment where they’ve ran out of gas. It’s a tri-split view as Vivian cranks the old Volvo while Persephone has the “I told you so” attitude about the whole situation.
The clip is focused on running out of gas but of course the lack of fuel doesn’t have to be real

Cranking part (around 5min)

The video starts over where the car rolls to a stop this scene is filmed.
Unfortunately, the car sputters to a gas-less stop no long after, as the car rolling to stops, she says some dialogues like “please, sweetie, don’t…” and “crap! No, no, no not here! Come on!”. The car finally stops, starved for gas, as she hits she steering wheel “DAMMIT”.
She tries to start the car several times, tapping the gas gauge and praying to start. Some dialogue while she tries to start “i know you have some fuel left in there! Come on! and “start, damn you”. Her stepdaughter, enjoyed, can’t help to friendly make fun of her and keeps teasing her with some dialogues.
Almost on verge of tears or angry, she finally gives up and smash the steering wheel one last time, yelling ‘I knew i should have fill it up, FUCK!” while her stepdaughter is laughing at her with this is situation “Well, we’re definitely out of gas, it’s going to be hard to get to school now”, Vivian visibly frustrated/angry concludes as looking at her stepdaughter with dagger eyes “Don’t laugh at me young lady” as the logo appeared.

Camera angles : Main camera filmed from seat behind, small camera from main windshield/dashboard so we can see both of them. Left side is mainly Vivian, upper right is Vivian and gear shifter and lower right is of Persephone & Vivian’s face.

Length: 5:44

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 520 MB

1 review for 1359 (Out of Gas) – Vivian & Persephone Run Out of Gas

  1. spa271150 (verified owner)

    This clip was exquisite, wonderfully acted out by Vivian and Persephone. And once more Shish and PTP lead the way with this triple camera set up, absolutely brilliantly done and hope we see more of it. 10/10

  2. Shishkbob

    Persephone & Vivian have such a great dynamic that I thought this triple cam setup would really put it on display. Glad ya liked it! 🙂

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