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1327 (Story) – Vivian Ireene Pierce Going to Picnic Tease in Black Leather Boots


Outfit & Shoes
Tank top showing off her wonderful chest, tight jeans with holes and tall black leather boots. Something without a stiletto heel to fit with the outdoor theme.

Vivian is my girlfriend and we have been invited to an outdoor picnic. She knows I can’t contain myself when she wears her sexy boots and drives her big Cadillac around. She decides this will be a great way to torment me! I like when she calls me nice things like sweetheart and baby.

She’s alone in the car after she convinced me to go pump her gas for her so she doesn’t have to get out. As a gentleman, I oblige but I didn’t know it was so Vivian could surprise me with a sexy little video of her talking about how she flooded the car earlier to try and flood it out so it wouldn’t start. She talks about pumping the gas pedal and know that if the car didn’t start it would make me all excited. She leans out the door to talk to me which gives a great view of her ass in tight jeans and just the tops of her boots visible on camera.

Length: 5:11

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 259 MB


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