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1422 (Body) – Vivian Ireene Pierce Leaves Work & Runs Out of Gas in the Bug


Outfit & Shoes
Some sexy secretary outfit (short skirt, blouse open to show off Vivian’s cleavage, high heels)

***This is just the upper body camera view in full size.***
A clip which focuses about running out of gas, just like my previous one

Driving & Cranking (6-7min)

Vivian is driving the car on the road in a hushed panic, her eyes glues to the car’s fuel gauge all the way. She threatens the car by telling it that it had better hold until she gets home.
Vivian even threatens her car and tell her she’d better not give on her ’cause she doesn’t have time for this.
She console the famished car, giving the dashboard a gentle rub with her other hand nervously tending to the steering wheel. She prays/threats her car to go a
little further, tapping the gas gauge.
The car stalls one first time and Vivian is afraid of running out of gas but after a few tries and some threats, she manages to get it on the road again. Vivian got the fright of her life and told her car not to do that again.
Vivian is afraid that her car would run completely out of gas soon and give up on her.
If she could act really stressed/pissed off/upset and says some dialogues where she threatens her car and sometimes begging (“don’t give on me, okay…”, “it would be better for you not to break down”), that kind of stuff.
The camera fades out from here if needed.

Camera angle : Main camera from passenger dashboard/windshield so we can see her. Small camera from main windshield/speedometer to have a view in front of her

Length: 6:07

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 400 MB


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