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1433 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Gets the Mercedes Started Purple Ballet Flats


Outfit & Shoes
Purple leather ballet flats with jeans and a top of her choosing that shows me some cleavage.

Vivian casually trying to get the Mercedes started and doesn’t know if it’s out of gas or just being stubborn. I’m not real picky on the angles, just start out on the drivers side watching her try to start and see what the car does. I know you told me you weren’t sure if it was out of gas, so just let her try and then if she wants to add gas to it, that’s fine.

When she gets back in the car to start it after adding gas, just let whatever happens happen. If it starts up, she can rev it to clear it out as I’m sure it will need some good revving. If it still doesn’t start, have her keep trying until the battery dies. I just like watching her struggle.

At some point during the video, I would like to see some exhaust picture-in-picture angles. I’m leaving a lot of this up to you since I know you told me we’re in unexplored territory as far as the Mercedes goes. So I trust you’ll make it come out good!! Thank you and Vivian for this!!

***What ended happening in the video was that she cranks it for a bit in the beginning and it doesn’t start. She adds some gas, gets back in and after some cranking it starts to sputter. She eventually gets it to sputter to life but it’s running so rough and keeps dying on her. So it’s a lot of heavy flooded starting, sputtering, pumping fast to keep it running and it dying. During the exhaust shots, there is some kind of gobs of soot shooting out the tailpipe almost like blobs of cotton…hell, could be a birds nest or something. She does get it to eventually rev up and smooth out after a lot of work. So I’d say she beat the Mercedes into submission! lol***

Length: 18:56

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.88 GB


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