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1376 (Extended) – Vivian Ireene Pierce Picks You Up & Tries to Get You to School On Time


Outfit & Shoes
Tight fitting blouse, capris, low heeled wedge leather mules (preferably old where you can easily see heel and toe prints).

This clip has ~8minutes of bonus footage viewed from a chase-car when Vivian was stalled at the various stop signs and road intersections.
Vivian drives up to your house while you are waiting for her to drive you to school. “Sorry Sweetie, I had trouble starting this damn car. I’m running a little late. Hop in and we’ll get you to school on time.”
You hop in and she starts driving. With each stop light the car stalls and has various times required to restart. The battery is just a little weak so the cranking cadence is sexy and slower than normal. Vivian pumps with her whole leg, heel lifting off the leather of her mules showing the heel marks. She bounces in a sultry and sexy way, knowing you like what you see. With each stall it gets harder and harder to start. Finally at the end of the video you get to school where the car once again stalls. You can hear her cranking as you walk away.


Length: 29:45

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.21 GB


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