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1383 (Extended) – Vivian Ireene Pierce Picks You Up for a Movie Date


Outfit & Shoes
Vivian can dress herself like she going on a date. My only request is that she wears something that shows of her cleavage. (Dress…. Low cut shirt with tight pants. Whatever she feels is best is fine)

**30+minutes of footage from passenger seat view mixed in with the dash-view. Loads of cranking with some hard and casual driving of Vivian mixed in as she drives to your place. Follow the full evening of Vivian getting in her old car to come pick you up to go on a movie date. Gotta stop for gas and the car is hard to start leaving the gas pump.
Vivian shows up to take me on a date. We get in the Monte and she has a little trouble starting it. After a handful of tries and some soft begging she gets it started. We drive to go see a movie and when we are done she has a hell of a time getting her Monte to cooperate. I don’t need to see any driving, the second scene can start with us getting back into the car.
I want Vivian to do her own thing but please incorporate below:
Vivian loves her Monte and knows it’s stubborn but she knows how to handle the situation. I would like her demeanor to be a sexy and confident sometimes showing some sexy desperation as she battles her Monte. She should coax, beg, and sweet talk the car the entire time. She can ad lib but please use phrases below.
Phrases to use:
Come on baby
Come on baby start for momma
C’mon honey
That’s it sweetie, start for me
A couple times throughout the scene she should look at me and say something about the situation:
She’s being stubborn huh?
Don’t worry, she’s just a little flooded. Sometimes I need to sweet talk her into starting for me.
She did this to me at the post office yesterday.
During this second scene I would like nice long cranks (10-25 seconds), she can manipulate the pedal to keep the engine right on the verge of starting. She gets it started a few times and tries to back it out of the parking spot only to have it die on her. Each time it dies it’s back to hard starting with long cranking. She manipulates the monte perfectly in video 1302a. I especially like when it starts after a long crank and chugs/winds down into a false start. Finally she gets it out of the parking spot and puts it into drive to take off. It stalls again. After one final long crank and some nice hard revving she is able to take off.
Camera angle – passenger side dash so I can see her whole body, bouncing boobs/leg and her turning the key.

Length: 35:15

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 2.73 GB


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