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1389 (Pedals) – Vivian Ireene Pierce QuickE Mart Break Down


Outfit & Shoes
Business Suit or Chauffeur outfit
Short jacket, blazer or vest
Skirt or Lady slacks (no jeans)
Black thigh high stockings
Black Coach Loafers – size 7 (sent to Scarlet/Fanta Productions Nov 2021) (image –
Glasses on (optional)
Hair down
Prop – Coffee cup

**This is just the pedals view for the full video of her driving and cranking.
Camera Angle: Full Backseat View (reference video –

Story: Vivian has stopped by a mini-mart, starbucks or convenience store to grab a coffee and a morning snack on her way to work. She’s a super sexy boss and oversees corporate land development in the area. (backstory) She’s always smartly dressed but wears her comfy driving shoes until she gets to the office.

Enter and First Crank Attempt – (2 minutes)
She’s parked her Cadi facing the front door of the store. (Ensuring we can watch her through the windshield as she walks toward the car.)

The video begins with Vivian coming out of the store with her coffee in hand as she gets in and slides into the driver’s seat. She sets her coffee down, adjusts her skirt and gently props her foot on the brake as she inserts the key in the ignition. She twists the key fully expecting her trusty Cadi to turn over immediately, however it doesn’t start on the first try.

Not panicking at all, she turns the key again and slowly angles her foot toward the gas pedal to give the Cadi a couple of “love taps” to get her old girl started. Again, no dice.

Again, cool as a cucumber Vivian begins to crank and gingerly pump the gas pedal slowly and only a few times per crank. Her pumping style is calm, confident and careful. In fact, she barely creases the toe of her shoe when pumping and occasionally holds the gas pedal down in hopes the beast will kick over.

Restart Attempt II – (2 minutes) Camera Angle: Backseat view – (Closer)
After a few minutes of unsuccessful tries. Vivian begins to look a little annoyed and begins to softly whisper to the Cadi, asking for its cooperation.

This time, Vivian employs the slowly hold the pedal down while cranking method with a clear look of disgust and disappointment on her face. She can’t believe her car is causing such a scene!

Between cranks, she quickly looks around to ensure none of her colleagues are around to witness this embarrassing ordeal.

Start Up and Rev – (1 minute) Camera Angle: Backseat view – (Closer)
On the third set of tries, the Cadi finally kicks over and Vivian proceeds to mash the gas to the floor, as a form of passive punishment. She softly curses the car under her breath for making such a fuss. After a few angry revs, she puts the car in gear and glides off to the office.

Length: 13:47

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 635 MB


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