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1408 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Gold Slippers & Hose Struggling


Outfit & Shoes
Sexy dress, nude hose, and gold house slippers/loafers

Angles: Over the shoulder, and passenger side

Vivian has been out shopping, and realizes she needs to get home to meet the realtor. She gets in her car, and turns the ignition, but the car does not start. Vivian starts cranking and pumping, but the car is not starting. She starts doing longer cranking and pumping scenes, as the car teases her like it’s going to start. She keeps trying over and over, but eventually the battery dies.

**Had to alter the script a bit because we had to bug out of the parking lot due to too many cops showing up for some reason. So she end back home and has so much car trouble she has to get a ride from a parking lot where she leaves her car.

Length: 21:23

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.59 GB


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