Alex Rayne Cranks the Coronet – #300

Alex Rayne Cranks the Coronet – #300

June 7th, 2013

Alex Rayne is monitoring Saturday detention at her school and is ready to go home.  She heads to her old Coronet while talking to a friend that she’s going to be meeting soon.  She finishes her conversation, slides in behind the wheel and has trouble getting her car to start.  She tries different techniques, even sliding her shoes off to get a better feel for the gas pedal but nothing is working!  The battery is getting weak and she finally gives up to call AAA for help.

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  1. Alex Rayne Cranking The Coronet / Black Patent Leather Stiletto Pumps / Custom #300

    Alex Rayne is going to school today to monitor detention, she’s going to drive her untrustworthy green 1974 Dodge Coronet. Now that’s all Alex has to do is get the Coronet to start. Alex walks from the house she’s talking to someone on her smartphone at the school telling them she’s on her way.

    Alex is wearing a long sleeve black dress, black stockings, black patent leather stiletto pumps. Alex pumps the gas pedal a couple of times to prime the carburetor she turns the ignition key the engine will not start, the one thing Alex doesn’t want to do is be late she has to be at school on time.

    Shish is in the back seat getting a whole body shot from the right side of the back of her head down to her right foot as she’s cranking and pumping the Coronet’s gas pedal, the engine almost catches a couple of times it just wont start. Alex stops cranking for about half a minute she pumps the gas pedal about ten times.

    Alex should not have done that she might have flooded the carburetor, with all that pumping of the Coronet’s gas pedal in those black patent leather stiletto pumps Alex stops cranking again her feet are beginning to hurt she takes her right shoe off first then her left shoe she goes back to cranking and pumping the Coronet’s gas pedal.

    Shish is now getting a mixture of upper body and footwell video from the front passenger seat as Alex tries to get the Coronet to start, with each turn of the ignition key the battery begins to get weak if she doesn’t get the engine to start really soon she will kill the battery, the engine almost catches. Alex is trying to keep it together as the battery is getting weaker with each turn of the ignition key.

    The battery is almost dead now Alex picks up her smartphone it’s sitting on her lap she calls triple A to come tow the Coronet to a garage.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Alex is calling triple A. The End.

    Alex you did a great cranking video in the Coronet your feet in those black patent leather stiletto pumps they look sexy in them, who ever order this custom I hope you liked it I sure did.

    Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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