Four Ladies Booted Up Night Out, 3 of 3

Four Ladies Booted Up Night Out, 3 of 3

December 1st, 2023


Cassandra & Kimber arrive before Annabelle & Scarlet. Once they arrive, all 4 walk across the parking lot and go into the store for a little shopping. That shopping is not seen in this clip but you can find that content here: BootsNLeather Babes Make a Food Run.

They’re back at the cars and done with their shopping and after a quick question of “Who is driving?”, the Queen Bee, Scarlet, takes the reigns. The girls pile in and Scarlet tries getting the car started. It takes a bit to get it going and she has to fight with it stalling in the parking lot so she has to give it some good revs to try and warm it up. They make it to the restaurant they’re eating at and the rest of the night goes well.

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