April Lee Missed the Boat, 1 of 2
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April Lee Missed the Boat, 1 of 2

February 1st, 2023

Some friends of her are doing a dinner cruise on their dad’s boat and invited April out. It’s a chilly Fall evening, so she’s dressed appropriately for a sexy dinner date. She hops in her old Jeep and heads to the docks to wait to be picked up. When she gets there, unfortunately, there is no boat waiting for her. She hangs out for a bit, thinking they’re running late but when nobody answers her call, she decides to head back home and figure out what’s up.

She climbs back into her Jeep, goes to start it but it won’t start. She gently pumps it with her shiny red cowgirl boots but it’s still not starting. Greeeeeat! Abandoned and stranded….

One thought on “April Lee Missed the Boat, 1 of 2”

  1. One of the better clips of the beginning of the year. April Lee, very elegant, very nice drive, and struggle then… The sequel is expected, others too, the end of Cassandra’s Cadillac… Thank you from France, Sish, and see you soon … H.

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