Robin Masters: Ashely & Noelle Raise Hell in the Rental

Robin Masters: Ashely & Noelle Raise Hell in the Rental

December 23rd, 2014

Someone left them the keys to the rental and the girls are going to abuse the hell out of it!  Ashley is behind the wheel first and tries to smoke the tires as much as possible.  She stops the car in the road and floors the shit out of it over and over!  She then asks Noelle if she wants to try, which is a dumb question because of course she does!! Noelle starts out in her sneakers but kicks them off quickly to finish out the video in her bare feet.  That poor rental…that poor poor rental! lol

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  1. Robin Masters : Ashley & Noelle Burning Rubber On A Ford Fusion /Barefoot & Blue Sneakers /1080I MP4 HD

    Someone gave the cars keys to a rental too Ashley and Noelle. Ashley is driving first she’s barefoot with pink toenail polish as she burns rubber on a Ford Fusion she floors it good getting the engine rpms up there pretty good, it’s nighttime judging by the road there driving on at least part of it is either a two lane highway there was a cow near by as they were peeling rubber, hope the cow didn’t get scared as Ashley burns rubber. After about five or so minutes Ashley pulls over and lets Noelle drive and burn rubber.

    Ashley asks Noelle if her feet are sweating because she’s has on blue sneakers she’s not wearing any socks. Noelle tells Ashley that her feet are really hot after about a minute she takes her shoes off her feet, she’s afraid her feet might smell as she floors it. I don’t know whose shooting this video there sitting in the backseat getting mostly whole body shots of both Ashley and Noelle from the back of there head all the way down to there feet, you don’t see really see up close video of there feet, who ever is shooting this video he gets some upper body video of there faces at least one time wile Noelle is driving.

    Noelle pulls over to the side of the road and floors it good you hear the tires squealing pretty loud there’s smoke coming from the front. The Ford Fusion has front wheel drive, at one point they almost go into a church parking lot too burn some rubber they talked about it some they decided not to do that they stay on the road with cars coming the opposite direction. As the video ends Noelle is driving down the road towards a gas station. The End

    Robin you did another great video Ashley you and Noelle did a great driving video getting the Ford Fusion too yield to your will by burning rubber, the both of you have sexy feet. Great Video. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. I can never get enough of a woman who enjoys making her tires scream. These two, especially Ashley, are made for this.

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